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The following pictures are from The Banks Shoot, Kirkcudbright.
I'm fortunate enough to be asked back every year to be part of the Picking Up team. Both the dogs and I just love it and we look forward to the start of the new season every year.
I'd like to thank the Keepers Grant & Saul for having faith in both myself and my dogs.

The day usually starts off with a good natter.

Then the dogs are loaded on to the Pickers Up vehicle.
The above picture shows from right to left
TT, Sunny, M & their friend Shatay.

This particular drive is called 'The Valley'. It is very testing for both gun & dog. When the trees are in full  leaf the guns have a window of maybe a second or two as the partridge fly past. As Autumn turns into winter the canopy above slightly opens up and the shooting gets marginally easier. However the terrain is alwasy very testing for the dogs and at the start of the season when they maybe aren't as fit as they should be after their summer break they struggle going up and down this very steep slope. However come the end of the season when they are in the peak of fitness they appear to skip up and down this horrendously steep banking.
At the top of this picture you can actually see a cock pheasant flying past and the guns and their dogs standing at their pegs on the valley floor.

The dogs & I heading deep into the woods to take up our position. As you can see its not a particularly glamorous job for either dog or man (woman)!!

It is our job at the end of each drive to firstly find and despatch with the wounded birds and then find the dead ones. This picture shows 'M' ...Mousseglen More Than Magic For Moloko SGWC retrieving a cock pheasant. 'M' has proved to be a fantastic game finding dog and is an invaluable member of my team.

The above picture shows TT...Moloko McAdoo SGWC retrieving a hen pheasant.

My fellow Picker Up Fiona with her wonderful little bitch Shatay.

My trusty team returning after a long walk looking for & retrieving wounded game.

The game is loaded up ready to move on to the next drive.

My son Scott, on the right, who took my gun on the beaters day at the end of the season and shot very well.

My lovely TT admired by everyone.

All the photos in this album were taken by the very talented photographer Susan Briggs. Please take a minute and visit her site


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