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 Saturday 8th May 2010 was a very special day for my family as my younger sister Lindsay was getting married to Phil. The following photos are from what was one of the best days of my life and such fantastic fun. I hope the pictures help to give you a taste of this special day.
In true tradition the bride arrived nearly 25 minutes late!!
Scotty the Best Man
Rock climbing before the ceremony!
Two very special women in my sister and my mum.
My children..Sam & Scott
Steven looking pretty dapper in his kilt.
The Bride & her beautiful bridesmaids.
The stunning bride.
My brother Mark & his lovely girlfriend Louise.
My brand new brother-in-law Phil.
After the ceremony which was held outside in the beautiful National Trust Threave Gardens to 'liven' the proceedings up before we ate a number of Space Hopper races had been organised. The following photos are an attempt at capturing the huge fun we all had.
The test pilots!
Even the bride had a go!
The boys really went for it.
Even the minister, although sadly taking up the rear, joined in.
The scenic National Trust Threave Gardens, a perfect wedding venue.
Mark & Louise
Signing the wedding register.
Steven, me, Sam & Scott all scrubbed up!!
The wedding cake was simply a cake made from stacked up local cheeses. The guests enjoyed coffee, oatcakes and 'wedding cake' later in the evening.
My uncle shows the youngsters how to Eightsome Reel!!
Sam & one of her best friends Ashleigh.


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