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News 2015

February 1st 2015
Moloko Murrungoyara JW was mated to Moloko Mtoto JW. We keep fingers crossed that Murrun & Jock have some lovely puppies.

February 8th 2015
I attended the Labrador Club Of Scotland Breed Specific seminar. The seminar was very well ran & organised and the speaker Mr David Craig was excellent. I'm delighted to report that I passed.

February 17th 2015
Jock, Rossco, Lola, Meeve & Flynn attended an eye testing session at Middlebie. I'm delighted that they all passed their annual eye examination and Rossco passed his Gonioscopy test.

February 28th 2015
South West Scotland Gundog Open Show
Moloko Murrungoyara JW
1st Yearling & Best Bitch.
Many thanks to the judge Susan Wharfe

March 12th 2015
Murrun was scanned and I'm delighted to report that she is carrying a large litter of 9 puppies.

Sunday 15th March 2015
Today I judged at South West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show.
I was delighted with a super entry and my CC went to the beautiful bitch Flyngalee Chita JW Sh CM. This CC entitled her to claim her show champion title. My reserve ticket went to the very promising bitch Wynrita Hot Gossip out of a very strong junior class. 

Unfortunately whilst I was away Murrun was very unwell resulting in her aborting her 9, 6 week old puppies. Steven & I were completely devastated. We had the puppies pm'd and sadly Murrun had contracted Salmonella Dublin. It was a very worrying time but thankfully Murrun made a full recovery.

March 27th 2015
I felt it as I have my Goldens tested for all the relevant health checks it would be prudent to extend that level of testing to my cockers. So both Rossco & Tilly were hip x-rayed today. i now have the agonising wait of around 4 weeks to get the results!!

Saturday April 11th 2015
Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland
Championship Show
Moloko Cookie Monster At Knockothie
2nd Puppy, Maiden, Novice & Tyro
Well done Claire & Harvey x

Sunday May 3rd
Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria
Ch Moloko Pure Dead Brilliant JW
2nd Special Working Dog
Moloko Murrungoyara JW
1st Graduate bitch
Many thanks to the judges Mrs Hilary Mell (dogs) & Mrs Rachel Rains (bitches)

Monday 4th May 2015
Border Counties Gundog Club
Moloko Murrungoyara JW
1st Post Graduate Bitch
Many thanks to the judge Mr David Howarth.

Tuesday 12 May 2015
We had some very special visitors arrived today. Myriam van Capelleveen and her friend Anneke along with Myriams beautiful bitch Auld Lang Syne Hogmanay "Iona" came over for a short holiday to Scotland and hopefully to produce some lovely puppies between Iona & Jock. Iona decided that she wanted an extended holiday and that she wasn't ready to mate until days 19, 20 & 21. 
It was lovely to have Mryr & Anneke here as they were perfect house guests and they had great fun touring Scotland and even got a chance to visit Guisachan.
We keep fingers crossed that this is the start of a beautiful friendship and some lovely puppies.

Saturday May 16th 2015
My Springer bitch Buccleuch Layla was mated to the very handsome Buccleuch Kelsey. Fingers crossed for puppies due around July 20th. 

Monday 25th May
Sadly we had to say farewell to Myriam, Anneke & Iona. They have a long journey back to Holland but they have had a super holiday in Scotland and hopefully will be taking some 'souvenirs' home.

Tuesday 26th 2015
We welcomed a visit for a couple of days from Sarah Abrey from New Zealand. Sarah & Steven have been travelling through the UK attending lots of events including Badminton Horse Trials and Birmingham Championship Show. I think Dumfries & Galloway reminded them very much of their homeland.

May 28th 2015
Meeve ' Moloko Meadghbh JW' was mated today to the very exciting young dog Stanroph Still On Top At Ponfeigh JWMeeve has been granted special permission to have a final litter after her 8th birthday so we are all holding our breath in the hope that she is in whelp. Thanks Jan for allowing me to use Topper & fingers firmly crossed x

Sunday 31st May 2015
I made the very long trek down to Paignton to mate Lola..Mousseglen Make Believe In Moloko to the lovely dog Shearston Renegade At Darthill. 'Reg' has many of the qualities i look for in a Golden and I'm really excited about this litter. Many thanks to Cheryl, Reg's owner, for allowing me to use her lovely boy. 

June 8th 2015
Today was not a great day for me as Jock, Moloko Mtoto after being a bit 'off colour' at the weekend was found to have anaemia. The vet also found a mass on his spleen. Tomorrow Jock is to have a life saving operation and I'm absolutely shell shocked and besides myself with fear t the thought of losing my Jock.

June 10th 2015
Fantastic wonderful vet operated on Jock and removed his very badly bleeding and tumour covered spleen. No other tumours were found in his abdomen and it is hoped that he will make a full recovery. To say I'm relieved is an understatement.

Saturday 20th June 2015
Border Union Championship Show
Moloko Meadghbh JW
Meeve has not attended any show in a very long time. So I was over the moon today when she was placed 2nd in a very strong Limit Bitch class. Many thanks go to the judge Pete Drury.

Saturday 27th June 2015
Flynn & I made the long trek to Suffolk to be part of the Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland team for the Interclub working test. 
Flynn made a good account of himself, apart from one test, and I was thrilled that out team consisting of myself, Dawn Rose, Jon Debnam & Sarah Bond were 4th out of 12 teams. The day was very well organised by Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club and the tests were fair and challenging. Each team, consisting of two Novice & 2 Open dogs, had to draw from their strengths and try to minimise their weaknesses. Jon played our ace card beautifully by collecting a bonus of 20 points completing a very long blind retrieve in the short time allowed (2 minutes). If the dog does not complete the test in the allocated time the team loses 5 points. Our thanks must go to Di Ewings, Field Trial secretary of ECGRC & all her helpers for an extremely well organised event.

We had some lovely news from Ireland. Aidan McKeirnan's bitch Maggie produced a lovely litter of 11 puppies sired by Jock. This news has thrilled me given how ill Jock was a few weeks ago.

Thursday July 2nd
Today we had the three girls scanned and got mixed results. I'm thrilled that Lola has been scanned rot be carrying a large litter due around the end of the month. Suzi Springer, who resembles a beached whale, is also heavily in whelp carrying a litter to 7 or 8.
Sadly Meeve is empty, which does not surprise me as she has never taken to an outside stud dog and obviously prefers her kennel mates!! As Meeve is 8 we have decided that nature is trying to tell us something so therefore we will not be trying to mate her again. We will continue to show her.
Exciting & busy times ahead!!!

Monday 13th July
Suzi produced 9 little Suzettes. 5 perfect dog puppies and 4 little princess. 

Wednesday 22nd July
Fantastic news from Holland. Iona has had her litter. She has produced 7 bitches & 2 dog puppies. Both Myriam & I are absolutely delighted.

Friday 24th July
Today must be one of the saddest days in all my lifetime with dogs. Our darling, lovable Jock was put to sleep this morning. Steven & I are just absolutely devastated and at this moment I'm just too distressed to write anymore.

July 29th 
Lola thrilled us by producing 10 little McReglins. Sadly two little puppies would not take their first breath. Lola & Reg's 5 bitches & 3 dog puppies are doing great. 


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